financial assistance for pakistani students

financial assistance for pakistani students That is why the University heavily subsidises the educational costs of  our students.
Financial Assistance is made available to deserving students admitted to our programmes.
School of Nursing or the Institute of Educational Development is excluded because of an inability to pay tuition.
Continuation of assistance is conditional upon a yearly assessment of financial needs.
Details are available at the Student Financial Assistance and Counselling Office.
Details should be obtained from the Student Financial Assistance and Counselling Office.
Assistance is offered on the basis of demonstrated needs as evaluated by AKU from data provided by students and their families and other avenues that the University may deem appropriate.
Every student desirous of financial assistance must also demonstrate that he or she has thoroughly explored all other possible sources of assistance.
Continuation of financial assistance is conditional upon yearly assessment for financial needs.
Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships to pursue advanced academic study in other Commonwealth countries.
Masters combination totaling 07 years of elegant education from the accredited university.
Commonwealth Scholarship scheme and candidates are invited to submit an application.
Australian Scholarships will more than double the number of education awards offered for the region.
The scholarships continue the spirit of the Colombo Plan which brought many benefits of common purpose and understanding to the region.
Pakistan is very happy to announce a scholarship grant competition for Pakistani nationals to be able to pursue doctoral diploma studies in the industry of education in America.
The ultimate objective is always to benefit their nations around the world upon their go back.
These scholarships are advertised through major national newspapers and are also available on HEC website .
INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS Here are some International scholarship programs available for Pakistani Students.
Please forward this link to other pakistani students so that they may get some financial assistance.
Check with your institution if they have any specific scholarships for international students.
Pakistan cannot afford the expenses of sending even one boarder to a local public university.
To enhance the institutional capacity of the Higher Education Commission of the Government of Pakistan and local public and private sector universities in designing and implementing need and merit based scholarship Projects.
Only those students who will enroll in first professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.
The Scholarship Form will be submitted along with supporting documents to the same FAO office after completion.
Please note that partial scholarship for already enrolled students is not covered under this program.
Based Scholarship will be offered to the students who are going to be enrolled in selected participating Pakistani Universities.
You will apply directly to the relevant university for the admission and after seeking admission you will apply for the financial aid.
The financial aid form will be made available with the administration office of the relevant university and after filling up this form will be returned to the same office.
Yes you can apply in any of the participating university when they offer the admission.
Please see the participating university schedule for the admission in the relevant programs.
You can see the details of selected participating universities on the official Website of Higher Education Commission Islamabad.
If Spring Intake is not available then students of fall intake will be considered eligible to apply for scholarships.
University Advancement is a leverage to reverse the trend of educational aid through enhancement of indigenous institutional and human capacity.
Vice Chancellor of the participating institution who would ensure the impartiality and transparency of the process.
Only those students who will enroll in first professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.
Private sector HEIs and focal persons are nominated to deliver the objectives of University Advancement.
Institutions was also presentedin Vice Chancellors Conference  and attending Vice Chancellors showed interest in establishing the same by replicating the model.
If Spring Intake is not available then students of Fall intake will be considered eligible to apply for scholarships.
The seminar was designed and conducted to inform and involve all public and private HEIS in realizing the importance of fundraising through mobilization of their own resources for financial sustainability.
HEC in partnership with USAID is running a university advancement program in 11 universities.
IBA Karachi delivered their lectures on different aspects of university advancement.
The participants expressed their keen interest to establish this office in their premises with dedication and look forward to HEC for further capacity building.
The second day was designed especially for the awareness of media representatives from various TV channels and newspapers with the objective to motivate them to create societal awareness for the involvement and investment in higher education.
Director IBA Karachi joined through video conference form Karachi and briefed media about the success story of IBA Karachi as one of the pioneer fundraiser.
With the successful award of the 1807 scholarships not only enrollment level has been increased in universities but it has played the role of strengthen of HEC and universities of Pakistan.
It supports them for cultivating relationships with the alumni through alumni associations and organizing different alumni events.
In this regard the partner universities have been given Strategy Based Action Plan.
Alumni database has been established and online registration form is also available.
Islamabad has been signed to                 empower the youth in social entrepreneurship.
Financial Assistance for Medical Students January 29 What a comforting feeling to hear the news that students under FAMS scholarship have progressed into next year of their MBBS course in different medical colleges across Pakistan.
The best tribute to our Quaid on his birthday would be to fulfill one of his passionate desires.
Hope to have a great gathering of leading Pakistani business leaders on the 19th of May.
A detailed briefing on FAMS will be given to the audience especially highlighting the plight of medical students in Pakistan.
We have recieved names of new students from first year selected by the respective colleges for FAMS scholarships.
RMC and one from KMC have already been approved and their fee transfered to their colleges.
FJMC and KMC have passed their exams and progressed into next year of their MBBS course.
FAMS welcomes these dedicated people and believe that their inclusion will enormously help the cause of financially supporting medical students in Pakistan.
FEC will take the responsibility of devising strategies and policy making for the generation of funds.
Thank you to all those who have supported FAMS in the last 5 years since its inception.
We have been informed by the respective authorities that applications have been invited from students for FAMS scholarships.
In the next few weeks colleges will complete their selection process and forwarded the selected students to FAMS Board of Trustees in UK.
Students currently enrolled with FAMS are completing their professional exams this week after which their fee will be come due.
It is mandatory that Form B is recieved by FAMS before their fee for next academic year is due.
Sajjad Karim MEP has kindly accepted our invitation to be Chief guest at FAMS forthcoming annual dinner on the 19th of November at Nawab.
The tickets are now for sale and we hope to see you all in support of this noble cause.
A grand dinner is being organised on saturday the 19th of November at Nawab in Manchester.

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